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I’m Sara Harrier, coach, catalyst, and communication expert for people with unconventional minds, insatiable curiosity, and unwavering drive. 

I’m one part healer and one part activator; one part truth-seeker and one part soul-alchemist. (Okay, most people just call me a life coach. But as you’ll find out, I’m not like most people. And I’m guessing neither are you).

I know navigating this whole life thing isn’t easy. I know it’s especially tough when you have custom-built inner programming that’s seemingly different than everyone else’s. And I’m not necessarily saying that you’ve got the kind of brain that publishes the next bestseller, drafts a peace agreement, discovers a particle, or finds the largest prime number (although I’d certainly love to talk to you, even if you did)…

I’m talking about a certain kind of personality that sees humor where others don’t, tragedy where others are tranquil, beauty in the ordinary, and a dullness in the standard.

That’s where I come in.

My greatest gift is my ability to understand unique and extreme minds.  I am also able to see possible trajectories for people, and help them close the gap between their potential and their actualization. In a nutshell…

I help intelligent, highly sensitive and perceptive individuals own their smarts, settle the score with pesky inner goblins and build life-changing revolutions.

Here I go getting all meta on y’all, but as it turns out my dharma (simply put, a yogic word for “life’s purpose”) is to work with you to unearth your purpose and inspire your self-actualization and inner-badassery.

Why trust me?

Read below to learn more about how I got here and why I may be the perfect coach for someone like you.

Perhaps like you, I was in accelerated classes growing up. I was always highly perceptive, aware of my surroundings (and myself) in a way that seemed different than others. Able to easily connect ideas, come up with solutions, create beauty and focus intensely for long periods of time (until, of course, the next new creative idea swept me off my feet!)

And I’ve done some pretty cool things on paper.

I have Bachelors of Arts in Anthropology and Gender Studies and a Master of Social Work. I’ve worked with victims, survivors, and perpetrators of violence. And I hustled the hallways of government for six years at the national policy level.

But at my core, I still felt different. I was always seeking more.

By all accounts, I’d always had my shit together. I was well-promoted and successful. But dear lord, was I unfulfilled. While I understand what it’s like to be “different,” I’m also really good at fitting in when I need to.

Somehow, paradoxically, I was bored out of my mind at the same time that I was stressed to my max. I felt like I was always on the precipice of something bigger, some dream not yet fulfilled.

So I spent a lot of time outside of work exploring my spiritual side. I read oodles of Joseph Campbell (describer of the the “Hero’s Journey”) and other hippity spiritual stuff. I grasped at meaning everywhere I could – meditation, yoga, travel, drinking wine – all of the things I loved (and still love!)

But no matter how hard I tried, my heart just wasn’t feeling it. It seemed like everyone around me was content to work their self-proclaimed unfulfilling 40 to 60-hour-per-week jobs for the rest. of. their. lives.

And finally, after all that serious soul searching, I made a decision to change everything.  I took the plunge.

I ended a not-quite-fulfilling relationship with a wonderful man, quit my fancy policy job, sold all my belongings, and drove my car across the country to California. I immediately met my now fiancé and dear friend, who both – not-so-coincidentally? – work with gifted children and families. (And both of whom continue to blow my mind everyday).

Now I use all the knowledge and experience I’ve soaked up in my myriad professions — as well as my degrees, yoga and meditation training, coaching certification, and independent research on gifted theory — to take my clients through a deep process (I call it an adventure) of self-understanding and acceptance, so they can live the life they were born to live.

I want to help you change the world – the way you and I both know you’re meant to.

(Seriously, you can do a lot once you come to peace with all those years of feeling strangely out-of-place!  And in case you’re worried, you don’t have to quit everything to start thriving, like I did).

Yes, it’s true – somebody finally freaking gets you.

As with everything I’ve ever done, I don’t adhere to any rules or dogma, even when it comes to coaching. Sound familiar? Join my upcoming telecourse or sign up for my coaching, specifically designed for people like us.

Let’s start shaking things up.